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MSME Overview


We all are aware that MSMEs are the foundation of the Indian economy and are key drivers of employment, production, entrepreneurship leading to financial inclusion and economic growth of the country. As per the Annual Report of the Ministry of MSME’s, there are 512 lakh MSMEs in India which contributes to around 37.33% of the country’s GDP. The Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises as defined under Development (MSMED) Act, 2006 is tabulated below:

EnterprisesManufacturing: Investment in Plant & MachineryService sector: Investment in Equipment
MicroDoes not exceed Rs 25 lacsDoes not exceed Rs 10 lacs
SmallExceed Rs 25 lacs but less than Rs 5 CrExceed Rs 10 lacs but less than Rs 2 Cr
MediumExceed Rs5 crores but less than Rs10 CrExceed 2 crores but less than Rs 5 Cr