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The Services Marketplace is meant for Insolvency related professionals to offer services to other professionals via the virtual platform.

Insolvency/Resolution Professionals can hire professionals for meeting their process requirements easily. The Resolution Bazaar Platform has the provision for the following types of professions.


  • Audit: Forensic Audit
  • Audit: Statutory Audit
  • Audit: Stock Audit
  • Auditor: Transaction Audit

Resolution Support
  • Resolution: 29A Verification
  • Resolution: Investor Search
  • Resolution: Plan Preparation

  • Finance: Interim Finance
  • Finance: Acquisition Finance
  • Insurance
  • Insurance: Asset Insurance
  • Insurance: Professional Insurance

  • Advisory: Legal Advisory
  • Advisory: Process Advisory
  • Miscellaneous Service
  • Asset Security
  • Newspaper Advertisement
  • Executive Search

  • Valuation: Land & Building
  • Valuation: Plant & Machinery
  • Valuation: Financial Assets
  • Tech Support: eVoting
  • Tech Support: eDataroom
  • Tech Support: eClaims
  • Tech Support: eBidding


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