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ATSJ AND ASSOCIATES, a start-up represents spectrum of knowledge and experience in the field of
Financial Consultancy, Statutory Compliances, Internal Audit and Tax Management. We aim at offering
our specialized services as ‘One Stop Solution’ and adding value to every responsibility endowed upon
Name of Registered ValuerMr. Munusamy Lakshmigandan
Registration NumberIBBI/RV/02/2019/10959
Asset Class Registered forPlant & Machinery
Date of Registration07 March 2019
Seeking valuation assignments from IPs and IRPS for chennai/Tamilnadu region
Name of Registered ValuerMr. Sanjay Sitaram Phadnis
Registration NumberIBBI/RV/10/2019/12486
Asset Class Registered forLand and Building
Date of Registration05 November 2019
I am leading a team of legal,finance & technical professionals as ceo of firm sushil bajaj & associates .We advise our clients the best strategic fit transactions while helping them identify their potential investment opportunities. .our USP is management advisory,regulatory compliance ,dispute resolutions.asset valuations,pricing and due diligence in banking,insurance and real estate sectors
Ex PwC, Deloitte, EY, 10+ years experience in valuation, financial due diligence, IFRS/ US GAAP conversions, IPO’s, Training, Transactions Accounting Advisory