29A Eligibility Verification

Stakeholder Form for Section 29 (A) Eligibility Verification
Please provide the following details as asked below to complete your Eligibility Verification under section 29(A) of the IBC, 2016.
For any clarifications, contact Mr. Virinder Singh at 628-375-8298.​
Insolvency Professional & Corporate Debtor Details
Name of the Insolvency Professional who is running the Insolvency Resolution/Liquidation Process
Name of the Debtor who is undergoing the Insolvency Resolution/Liquidation
Type of Entity for which 29A Eligibility Verification is Required
Resolution Applicant Details
Full Name of the Resolution Applicant (as mentioned in your PAN Number)
Registered offices and correspondence addresses
Please provide relevant Mobile Numbers, Email Addresses, Landline Numbers
Please provide BOD for Individuals and DOI for Businesses
KYC Documents
Aadhar for Individuals and Udyog Aadhar for Businesses
Director's Identification Number or Company Identification Number
A CIBIL Score is a consumer's credit score.
CKYC is a 14 digit number linked with the ID proof
IBC Section 29A Clauses
The Court has the power to "discharge" the debtor and release him of his debts. Till such time he remains an "undischarged insolvent"
Securities and Exchange Board of India
PUFE: preferential, undervalued, extortionate or fraudulent transaction
Against which an application for insolvency has been admitted and invoked in full or part
Connected Persons: Any person who is/shall be a promoter or in management/control, holding/subsidiary/associate company or related-party
File Upload and T&C
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