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Tools for Forensic/Transaction Audit


  • Look for evidence of unusual development in the accounting and financial systems.
  • Design accounting processes for verifying important premises and data. A forensic accounting orientation also calls for skills in identifying possible fraud.
  • Perform audit type processes on a routine schedule in order to reduce transaction processing risks.
  • Cover a broad range of businesses and locations that require customary or continuous surveillance of all transaction processing systems.
  • Corporate investigations includes capital expenditure review to check for overstatement of assets and compliance with contracts.
  • Expense verification includes reviews to check for overstatement or fictitious expenditure used to siphon out money or understate revenue.
  • Detailed analysis of physical invoices to test their authenticity and correctness.
  • Detailed review of soft data related to accounting and operations to test for any malpractice or suppression.
  • Forensic study of email boxes, to understand email culture and check for transfer of information critical to an organization.
  • Evaluating strengths and weaknesses of internal controls. This would mainly include testing the accounting system and how it communicates with the operations team and lag or discrepancies thereon.
  • Testing the system through covert and overt techniques such as posing as clients or customers.
  • Revenue leakage points in the system where an error in the system could result in large revenue leakages
  • Email review analysis where it is tested whether confidential information is being exchanged for incorrect reasons.
  • Comprehensive picture of the Counter Party’s markets and industry track-record to identify negatives and compliances history.
  • This includes identifying hidden business linkages, shell companies and tracing ultimate beneficiary owners
  • 360 Degree Scan of negative lists and legalized and records with Focus on Defaulters, Fraudsters, hawala Entities etc. Along with records on Authenticate identities and Registration departments.
  • Intelligent scanning to assists in highlighting /identifying transactions with preferential terms or under or over valued transactions along with demographic details on involved parties